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Things to see

Observatory Karlovy Vary Astronomy has to Carlsbad for more than 50 years of tradition ! Thanks to enthusiasts and volunteers are enthusiastic for astronomy and…


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Iconic painted curtain Carlsbad Carlsbad Theatre Allegorical apotheosis of poetic art Historical building of the City Theatre is an architectural and artistic gem…

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Loket Castle is one of the most impressive Gothic castles in the country. You can find it in the same village overlooking River Ohri in the protected area Slavkov Forest…

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Golf Club Karlovy Vary was founded in 1904 and is the oldest golf club in the Czech Republic. The original course was built on the banks of the river Hot in Gejzírpark.…


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Franzensbad is one of the most famous cities in the Karlovy Vary region lying in the district of Cheb. Population of just over 5,000 inhabitants. Franzensbad are the…

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