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S. & W. Automobily s. r. o.


Daimlerova 202, 360 01 Jenišov, Česká republika
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The company S.&W. Automobily was established in year 1996 as an authorized sales dealer and service provider of car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. In the regions of Karlovy Vary and Ústí it has a long tradition. In year 2005 the company was relocated to brand-new premises in Jenišov near Karlovy Vary. It has a capacity of up to 8 personal cars and 8 automotive trucks at one time in its service halls equipped with the latest technology.

Geometry, brake for personal cars, automotive trucks and buses, tinsmith's workshop, wash box, sale of spare parts, equipment and accessories, everything under one roof. All this is supplemented by a spacious showroom for sale of new personal cars, delivery vans and automotive trucks, but also by sale of used cars Mercedes-Benz and other brands.